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Carltron Virtual Band

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I want to give a special thanks to everyone who participated in this in some way. This took me 10 days to edit sheesh. Crazy amount of hours in the studio producing, and all the hours these guys rehearsed and stuff man it’s crazy. Every time I put these videos together and I get a final product this good, I’m in awe at what we can accomplish THOUSANDS of miles apart when we put our minds to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope that some of you will check out our patreon page and pledge. Next year we’re planning some really huge things in terms of these videos and we’re gonna need your support to do it. Thank you so much for listening to us.

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Simple Health Dairy Free Eggnog Recipe

Why should you miss out just because you canโ€™t drink dairy? HERE IT IS! The video instructions for the delicious dairy-free Eggnog recipe, just in time for Christmas! Try mixing it with black coffee. Enjoy! To buy Yacon Syrup

Light Therapy Lamp Review

The naturebright suntouch plus is a super popular light therapy lamp. it sounds so strange but these happy lamps can help those who get depressed if they don’t get enough sunlight or vitamin D. This lamp is tample size so it’s perfect to get your daily happy on.

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